Spinnaker Poles


These poles have the use of a stainless-steel piston and spring contained within the end casting which is released by a trigger line. This opens the piston to allow the pole to the clipped onto the clew of the sail and clipped to a ring attached to the mast or a ring traveller. These poles are available in all sizes.

cone - piston

These poles have the use of a cone inboard end. This end also has the use of a stainless pin and spring but can only be used with our spinnaker pole track and car system with stainless steel finger. This finger is inserted into the end of the cone and held is place with the pin and spring. The outboard piston end is then released to attach to the clew of the sail. The cone-piston pole is recommended for stowage on the mast.

vps kit

VPS Kits

We offer a range of vertical pole stowage kits with track options specific to our 01 & 02 mast sections. The tracks come in a width of 25mm or 32mm suiting your mast section. We recommend mast pole stowage with any spinnaker pole as this frees up space on the deck. For more information on our kits and what’s included  please download our spec sheet below or download our sales brochure.